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Trust is good, but control is better! We recommend following car check.
This check-up is carried out by the German independent testing company DEKRA. This check-up will be documented and an used car check-up certificate will be provided. Among other things, DEKRA is accredited in Germany and carries out the legally required car tests for Germany.

1. Technical Check

  • Visibility - impaired visibility, windows, sun visors etc.

  • Lighting equipment - status and function of headlights, lights and reflectors etc.

  • other parts of the electrical system - control lights electrical connection devices, battery etc.

  • Brake system - braking effect / braking values, general lines, hoses, etc.

  • Steering - play / wear and tear, dust sleeves, tightness etc.

  • Chassis - axle suspension Springs / vibration dampers Wheels / tires etc.

  • Chassis / frame parts attached to it - condition / corrosion, fuel tank and lines, identification, etc.

  • other equipment - seat belts, heating / ventilation, steering wheel lock etc.

  • Exhaust system - (noises, exhaust gases, loss of liquid) Noise development Silencer system Components relevant to harmful substances etc.

2. Car Body Check

  • Body and attachments - doors Attachments, complete body parts in the interior, glazing, dashboard, etc.

  • Traces of repair / evidence of old damage - paint layer thickness measurement visual inspection

3. System Check

  • Error memory - display / error in the system OBD interface query Other abnormalities

  • Systems / Fluids - Fluid Level - Engine Oil Fluid Condition - Coolant Fluid Condition - Brake Fluid

  • Service History - complete?

Those check-ups are covering the following points:

  • Engine, transmission and exhaust system

  • Wheels and braking system

  • Electrics

  • Body

  • Visual and functional test

  • Inner space

  • Needed car check-ups

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