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LEEVICARS also offers an all inclusive service, you buy the car directly from us.

You pay only one price and we bring the car hom to you. 



quality check included


Trust is good, but control is better!
This check-up is carried out by the German independent testing company DEKRA. This check-up will be documented and an used car check-up certificate will be provided. Among other things, DEKRA is accredited in Germany and carries out the legally required car tests for Germany.

1. Technical Check

  • Visibility - impaired visibility, windows, sun visors etc.

  • Lighting equipment - status and function of headlights, lights and reflectors etc.

  • other parts of the electrical system - control lights electrical connection devices, battery etc.

  • Brake system - braking effect / braking values, general lines, hoses, etc.

  • Steering - play / wear and tear, dust sleeves, tightness etc.

  • Chassis - axle suspension Springs / vibration dampers Wheels / tires etc.

  • Chassis / frame parts attached to it - condition / corrosion, fuel tank and lines, identification, etc.

  • other equipment - seat belts, heating / ventilation, steering wheel lock etc.

  • Exhaust system - (noises, exhaust gases, loss of liquid) Noise development Silencer system Components relevant to harmful substances etc.

2. Car Body Check

  • Body and attachments - doors Attachments, complete body parts in the interior, glazing, dashboard, etc.

  • Traces of repair / evidence of old damage - paint layer thickness measurement visual inspection

3. System Check

  • Error memory - display / error in the system OBD interface query Other abnormalities

  • Systems / Fluids - Fluid Level - Engine Oil Fluid Condition - Coolant Fluid Condition - Brake Fluid

  • Service History - complete?

Those check-ups are covering the following points:

  • Engine, transmission and exhaust system

  • Wheels and braking system

  • Electrics

  • Body

  • Visual and functional test

  • Inner space

  • Needed car check-ups

transport included


The transport service to Helsinki area is included. Also the transport insurance and customs clearance are also covered. The car will be carried out by our logistics partner for you. We ensure fast, flexible and uncomplicated delivery.

For home delivery or other delivery destinations please contact us. 


tax/ registration included


We take care of the finnish car registration for our customers. When we are handing over the purchased car to our customer, we have already taken care of the license plates and the necessary documentation. Your car is registered in Finland!
So our customer can get in, drive off and enjoy his car.

We also have already paid the car taxes, which are necessary when importing car to Finland.

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